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Friday, April 16, 2021

Music Video: Bella Vantes - Genesis | Dewordz

Music Video: Bella Vantes - Genesis | Dewordz

When Bella was born she had a condition called gastroschisis. Bella underwent surgery directly after birth for 2 hours! It was one the scariest moments of life for Kat & I. Doctors told us she would face so many issues if she made it past surgery. We prayed, believed, and spent almost a full month in the NICU until she was able to recover and come home. 

In spite of our fears, doubts, and the situation at hand....God knew what he was doing and was in complete control the entire time! Upon our follow up visit after taking Bella home, the surgeon notified us that she would no longer need medications or treatments and that her bodily functions were perfectly normal. 

Since then, she hasn't faced any of those issues again! Jesus is the great physician and we are so blessed to share in Bella's journey as she at 10 yrs old is launching her passion to sing and express her God given gifts for the whole world to see! This is Bella Vantes. This is the Genesis. - Joey Vantes

Music Video: Bella Vantes - Genesis

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