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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Focus Grigsby Drops Brand New Music Video - Nirvana | Dewordz

"Nirvana", is a new single produced by Sam Huber aka "Hvber".

The single talks about finding who you are by finding GOD and finding HIS peace; by walking in your purpose, not allowing the thoughts and opinions of others to distract you and damage you. It's about knowing who you are for GOD and letting nothing come between that or pull you back.

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About Focus Grigsby 
Focus Grigsby, born Aston Grigsby is a Christian/Conscience rap artist from Illinois with a past life of depression/anxiety, partying/clubbing, stealing and running the streets.

All of his childhood he suffered from depression from never having his father around, so he went from playing instruments to writing his feelings down on paper. Then he started going through emotional drama as high school student so he took it out listening to secular rap music and started recording his own from being bullied because he was different.

Shortly after he graduated high school, he went to college and started partying hard every day, including weekends.

One night he was home asleep, his house caught afire as he was sleeping leaving him homeless. He getting deeper into music & ended up meeting Lil' Flip as he was performing in a club one night. He opened a few shows for Lil' Flip, then went on tour with the crew to a couple of states.

He soon found out that he didn't really like that lifestyle as he thought he would and decided to not chase the spotlight in that fashion, so he decided to go back to familiar ground in Longview, Texas where he started back going to church and GOD ended up changing his perspectives on life.

Aston now goes by the name of "Focus Grigsby" because he wants to focus on doing the right thing for GOD and to help others who are depressed and have no hope to know that Jesus can help them.

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