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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Voiceveray - Press Release and Biography | Dewordz

Voiceveray's untold story - "My mother has been battling in renal kidney disease for years and she had a seizure from extremely high blood pressure, which led to two strokes in her brain. That lead to internal bleeding in her brain and she had to have brain surgery, which she has survived through. However later on her brain started to collapse and they announced her brain dead! Telling loved ones she wouldn’t come back to her normal self! On January 29, 2020, she eventually passed away at 5:07 PM.

This project was made specifically for the honoring of my mother who recently passed away due to suffering a long-term illness.

I also wanted to touch all the other mothers and future mothers out there with this project and family members alike. Having such a hard year for us all so far, I want this project to impact everyone as a message to spend time as much as you can with the ones that you love because you never know when your last day is. The time you get on this earth is not to be taken for granted, so we all should live it up! I have a goal of having this EP reach the world and change many lives for the better. I am forming unity within the family and the community as a whole. I feel that during times like this, we should all come together collectively and cherish who and what we have because life is too short. It took a lot to make this... Blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights were put into developing this project so please, feel free to take a listen as this EP is on all streaming platforms, thank you!" Stay blessed, Enjoy!
About Voiceveray
Voiceveray was raised in a Christian family from Columbus, Ohio. Always going to church and learning the glory of God. As he grew older he was unsure what he wanted to do with his life but he knew he wanted to be a successful musician.

Voiceveray means:

“Voice” Shedding “Ever” lasting “Ray” of Light

He got baptized in Jesus Christ's name 2016.

As prayer life became better, he was doing much more to grow his connection and relationship with God. The big problem was he did not fully surrender & give up all his sinful traits.

He started hanging around people that was always drunk and high and running the streets along with them, putting himself in dangerous situations that could’ve led to jail time and even death.

The music he had intended for God changed. He started making music about the life he was living, always around various females, strippers, clubs, drug attic’s, drug dealers, and more. The surprising thing is that he was always sober through at all. He never gave into peer pressure with drugs and alcohol and everyone respected him for that. He always wanted a conscious sound mind because the scripture from the Bible 1 Peter‬ ‭5:8‬ ‭KJV

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”‬‬ Always stuck with him. He witnessed the devil taking over the people he was around and others. Many times he tried to save them before things got worse but most of the time they didn’t listen which led to robberies, waking up hungover, misplacing things, stress, late to handling business, also losing connections and opportunities.

Through his years of clubbing he realized quickly that he had to surround himself around like-minded people in order to become successful. He started making new connections and started furthering his music and performing in front of hundreds of people! His new acquaintances supported him but God was not pleased with his secular music.

Voiceveray had got into a car accident in 2016. Lost his main source of income, could barely make it to the studio to be consistent with his music, the clubs we’re getting shot up and shut down, and the people that he was working with started to move out of state.

He no longer had anyone but God.
Voiceveray knew that God was calling him but God knew Voiceveray wouldn’t answer until he wasn’t distracted by anything else. He had made a prayer to God asking God to show him why he shouldn’t live a life of sin and how he can live for God because Voiceveray wanted better. Now things started to change.

Slowly but surely he was sacrificing things he’d love to do in exchange for time with God, fasting, repenting, and seeking the Lord’s salvation by turning from his wicked ways of sin. It took him about 3 long-suffering years to make a 180 turn around.

2019 he was a changed man, praise God! He went from a Hoop-tie vehicle, to a push to start, bought a new luxury home and so much more! Once he started living completely for God, God started delivering the blessings he had prepared for him Since the beginning.

Fast forward 2020, he has over 20K followers on Facebook along with being verified, also verified on Spotify, YouTube, and Google! Voiceover is on the rise breaking the internet making a huge impact on the world in a righteous fashion!

He is CEO of his own company - Voice Choices Studios - For any Christian artist looking for “Premium Quality Sound”.
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