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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Free Download: T R3LL- Pardon My Energy Ep | Dewordz

About P.M.E./Inspiration by Artist:
"Pardon My Energy is a piece I personally dedicated to those who lost their lives due to injustice, through the force of police brutality. 

As a black Christian man, I’ve had to watch this happen time and time again and keep silent in fear of it happening to me or any of my family members next. 
I’ve battled with, “What do I say? 
How do I say it w/o causing division? 
Why me? 
Will this ever stop? 
Is it safe to walk to the store?”...
After the death of George Floyd, which sparked an uprising for the people, I knew my time to release those tracks I was scared to release cause the climate wasn’t right was Now. 

I felt like the people's hearts were ready and even THE CHURCH was ready to receive this raw truth and I got excited. This is my gift to the world and I pray that many lives will be changed, and dialogues will be created, due to this piece."

Listen HERE
Download & Stream Here
Producers on the EpP.Soul, Major League Beats, Fleur, Bandit Luce.


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