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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Saint Cyril - BROKEN HYMEN | Dewordz

It hasn't been easy.
It has been a difficult time.
So many ups and downs.
Trials tried to way me down.
Tribulation came to my path
like a thief in the night.
So many ups and downs.
I didn't know I was going
To make it this far.
I didn't know I was going
To make the difference
I didn't know I was going
To be the reference.

Sometimes I soaked my pillow with tears
I scream and shout like everything gonna be ok.
I put on a smiling look to cover up the shame.
How long do I grief for my broken Hymen?
How long do I detest men?
My pride has been ruined.
Mine identify taken away with no clue.

I know and I believe
No one said it was going
To be easy
No one said you're just
Going to wake up one morning
Seat and fold your arms
Watch your dreams being realized
But the pain is in excess.
How do I face my peers?
How can I overcome my fears?
My dreams and goals have been buried.
How do I cover up this horror scene?
What if I just end it all with my life?

I've been beaten and touched from within.
My soul and spirit are in agony
I'm too young to feel horny
Life hasn't been oily.
Lord take this cup off my shoulder.
Shield me from this stress.
My virtue and virginity has vanished
Taken off me like a rapid miracle.
The thoughts crippled me in pain.

I know someday my story will be heard.
Someone will get energized in my life.
Written pages of novels will speak of my shame.
Right now I'm humbled in spirit.
I know you're laying up Gold as dust for me.
I'm believing God for the best because
I know the best come from God.
I stopped eating the carrots
Chosen to join the chariots.
I'm now a peace ambassador with a story.


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