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Monday, April 20, 2020

KB - The Story Time You Never Knew You Needed | Dewordz

KB - The Story Time You Never Knew You Needed 

Read a fan's reaction below and watch the video.
Bro this hit home for me! I had such a similar situation last year, this young black female approached my car at a stop light and was saying she was trying to get to the train station, I felt bad and being the nice Christian citizen I am I decided to let her in and then she just started acting all flirty and it made me think oh boy I think I may have picked up a prostitute and I asked her when her train was and she said she wasn’t getting on a train and said she wanted me to drop her off by the train station, mind you there’s nothing by the train station except a sketchy neighborhood. I decided in that moment she might be setting me up and idk what is waiting for me at the destination so I pulled over and asked her to get out politely and I apologized but I couldn’t take her. I told her God bless you and she got out without any issue. I’ve seen her since out still trying to stop cars and looking crazy in the streets. Use discernment people, God protected me that day! Elbin Alomar3
Watch Video HERE

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