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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Gospel Register: Sell Your Music Online -Digital Music Distribution | Dewordz

Gospel Register is the first low-cost Gospel music distributor with iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Facebook, Google Play, YouTube, Beatport, Apple Music, Amazon, and more than 300 digital partner stores! in Cameroon, Africa

List Of Our Major Services
  • Audio Distribution on 300+ online stores like iTunes,Amazon,Spotify,Yandex,Tidal,etc
  • Music Video distribution on more than 20 platforms like VEVO, Vimeo, etc
  • Creation of Professional, responsive and easy to use music website
  • Customization of a full 18 platform profiling
  • Spotify Promotion
  • Music Publishing Administration
  • Artist Manager
  • iTunes Music Video
  • Spotify For Artist Profile
  • Music Smart Links
  • SoundCloud Promotion
  • VEVO Channel
  • Ringtones Distribution

YouTube Video Promotion 
Promote your Video and grow your YouTube Channel by appearing on Gospel Register and our partner's playlists, blogs, social networks, and websites. Reach thousands of new viewers easily!

Music Publishing Administration

The songs you wrote might be earning money you don’t even know about.
-Don’t leave your publishing on the table, collect what’s yours.
-Register Unlimited Songs Worldwide
-Monetize Your Compositions on YouTube
-Sync Licensing Opportunities
-Keep 100% of Your Copyrights

Every stream, every cover, every radio spin; no matter where your original music is being played, you deserve your royalties. Gospel Register, together with partners, has direct memberships with rights collection agencies all over the world. We can get you paid faster than ever before.

You need to pay just one-time token and all your Music Publishing Administration for all your songs and the ones you’ll ever produce.
WhatsApp; +2376907898

Music Video Distribution

Have a great video? Get your music video on VEVO, Vimeo, Youtube, Filmon, Myspace, Muzu.TV, Vidzone and more! Retailers are making it ever so difficult for independent artists to post music videos online. Worry not! Gospel Register to the rescue! Get paid for every download and stream! No monthly or annual fees.

Music fans have made it very clear; Video is everything. A visual statement is one of the most important impressions you can make on an audience. Team up with us and get it in front of the masses while benefiting from top-tier royalty rates.

Have a great video? Let us handle the distribution and reach more fans! Retailers are making it ever so difficult for independent artists to post music videos online. We’re in your corner and can publish your content easily without any monthly or annual fees.

Our services deliver your video to VEVO, which means that our artists can reap the benefits of some of the highest royalty rates in the business! On average, VEVO boasts 2 to 3 times more money per stream over standard YouTube rates. This means greater exposure AND greater earnings!

African Gospel Musicians, please note that, No matter what stage you’re at in your career, Gospel Register is able to get you back on the road to success

Contact; WhatsApp +237690789808
Email; gospelregister3@gmail.com
Website; https://gospelregister.org
Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/gospelregister
Twitter; https://www.twitter.com/GospelRegister
Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/gospel_register

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