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Thursday, February 6, 2020

February Spotlight Chh Rapper: William Pippins | Dewordz

Artist's About
William Zachary Pippins was born on February 13, 1995, in the city of Dayton, Ohio. He grew up right outside the city of Dayton in an average size suburb called Trotwood. William is the youngest amongst just one other sibling. William's mother and father separated at a young age, which forced him to grow up with just his mother. The separation of his parents affected him in his youth years, causing a negative change in behavior. William attended Trotwood-Madison High school where he began to fall in love with music. Sports played a huge role in the motivation to create his own sound along with the crowd he hung out with during his teenage years, Some positive and some negative.

During his high school years, William began to find himself as a person, which negatively led him down some wrong paths such as getting in trouble in school, making bad grades, smoking, stealing, and fighting. Music was the only way to express himself as a person, so he began to record music inside his bedroom with just one mic and a laptop from his high school friend De'Aris Higgins ( King Silxs). After uploading a few songs to social media such as sound-cloud, students around the school began to listen to him. 

As that being motivation, William decided to attend The Art Institute of Cincinnati for Graphic Design to better enhance his art skills. During the college course, William spent time recording in the closet of his dorm room at The Art Institute of Cincinnati. Long story short after a few months in Cincinnati William decided to move back to Dayton to fully pursue his music. In the midst of pursuing his music career, William found God. After hearing the voice of God William has decided to fully give his music to God, and write his story that God has written for him. With the faith of a mustard seed William hopes to make a huge impact on the world with his music, and lead many to Christ.

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/will.pippins
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Willpippins
Instagram: http://instagram.com/williampippins

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