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Saturday, January 4, 2020

NM House: A Non-Profit Making Organisation Reaching Out To The Needs Of Street Kids and Orphans | Dewordz

It was a remarkable event in the life of the street children in Yaoundé when NM house visited the street kids and orphans. The program was titled NM street invasion 2019. The goal of this event was to celebrate Christmas with the street kids of the Yaoundé neighborhood on the 21st of December at the 20th May Boulevard. NM House assembled 285 street kids from their 8 different territories, feed, clothe and offered free medical services to all the 285 kids. Talking with the kids one on one, it was realized that, we have many kids on the streets cuz of poor parenting as seen in the case where some kids said they ran away from their houses due to maltreatment from relatives since they lost both parents an others, 1 parent. Some flee from homes due to crisis in the North and the Anglophone crisis. It was realized that each kid has a reason for being on the street. 

The event consisted of Major Activities like football match played by 2 camps of the street kids, the winners were awarded monetary gifts offered by Mr. Leroy, a trophy was given to them.  Best players were awarded too. 

Medical checks, which ran all through the day free consultation, free drugs, were given to the kids. Their wounds were cleaned and treated, health tips and advice were given to the kids by the medical team, which stirred up joy and happiness among the kids. 

The NM House team also had Arts and craft, such as painting and signing of the NM cloth in which every participant signed or stamped hands soaked in paint. This activity was enjoyed by the kids, it became more interesting with Sharing of dresses and other gifts. 
The most enjoyable part was the sharing of food, as the happily scrambled for food and ate with smiles on their faces. 

The moment for Pictures was outstanding as the kids displayed wonderful postures. Fun and playing came in with other games, which drew towards the end of the program and also had General pics and departure. 

Conclusively one will say the event was a success as the kids left with happiness, feeling the love and care they got from the team as they expressed their joy through words like

"God will bless you people", " Christmas is so sweet thanks to you people", " if I ate like this every day I will be very fresh and healthy. Thank you for adding my weight" 

The CEO of NM House sends appreciation to partners and supporters as quoted below;
I can say our objective was attained. We say endless thanks to our partners who volunteered to serve in diverse ways.
As in the Medical department, we had #CAMESA, Sharing of the Gospel we had #NAV'YOUTH Cameroon, # EN CONNECT in Sports, and Manny other partnering organizations like #OPEN DREAMS, #NGALA PHOTOGRAPHY, #MERCITECH, #TBM ARTS, #NEXGEN TECHNOLOGY CENTER, # NM 3MP1R3, #UBUNTU and many other individuals who offered their services in one way or the other may God bless us all.
Below are some shots from the recent street outreach

Connect With The NM House:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nm-House

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