Did You Know "Dis-Moi Tout" Is A New App Designed To Help In The Sensitization of Certain Diseases Highly Prevalent Among Youth? | Dewordz - Christian Hip-Hop Blog |Most Trusted CHH Blog

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Did You Know "Dis-Moi Tout" Is A New App Designed To Help In The Sensitization of Certain Diseases Highly Prevalent Among Youth? | Dewordz

Nowadays, our society has been plagued with a lot of diseases that affect human health terribly and contribute to about 70% of the death rate. Some of these diseases are HIV, STDs, and SRH.

Most often, young people are found victims of these diseases. The most common threat is STDs. STDs have been rooted in many youths as most of them even live with it for a long time and sometimes without knowing they are patients.

PRESSE JEUNE DÉVELOPPEMENT has developed an android application and put to the use of young people and operational partners in the framework of the grant CMR-H-CMF Nº 1642 IP2 of the global fund to fight against these diseases (AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria).

This app is aimed to sensitize and animate the forums of discussion of Adolescents and Young people with regard to HIV, STIs, and SRH.

This application on the Android system developed by PRESSE JEUNE DÉVELOPPEMENT has a great role to play in the society toward the health and well being of everybody and most importantly the youths who are usually the victims of such threats.

The App runs on the android Operation System (OS) and is thus available to users with mobile phones.
This app is connected to a server and will do REST calls via APIs to download its content and make it available to the user. Some of the content will be available offline (without internet connection) while other content (too heavy and/or inappropriate for offline storage) will only be accessed with internet access. The interfaces of the app have been predefined to point to the various online resources whenever necessary to process a great user experience. 

This is the source from which all functionalities of the app are based, in fact, this is what powers the Dis-Moi tout app. The server will offer access to predefined administrators into an administration panel where they will be able to manage the various resources of the app. This server is accessed purely online and is limited to 4 users who all have the same access levels to the management of its resources. 

The Dis-Moi app has a variety of functionalities, all aimed at managing the various issues linked with youth sensitization. The home view of the app does a showcase of the various stakeholders of the project. Each stakeholder has the link to their website such that once a user clicks on it the user is taken directly the website of the concerned stakeholder. 

The app manages articles both online and offline. When the app is online, it will download the available articles loaded from the server and present it to the user. These articles are downloaded on the user's phone such that even offline the user can have access to the articles. The articles could be in English or French and the app will present them just as they are in their respective languages. The interface equally permits those who can't read to have access to the audio format of the article in either French or English. Those who are interested in reading can equally adjust the font-size of the article text to their heart contempt.

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