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Saturday, February 2, 2019

10 Cameroonian Gospel Artists Currently Making Waves In Mainstream Christian Music – Dewordz

It's been barely a month ago, and 2019 is proceeding awesomely amongst Cameroonian Christian Artists. A lot of massive projects has been released recently with a massive audience and follows. Below is a list of Cameroonian Christian artists currently making waves in Cameroon due to their musical buzz.

10. Batemone (Rapper) @batemone1

Batemone recently gained national recognition through his recent release video "Speeding In The Holy Ghost" which impacted a lot of Christian music followers. He is also a visual artist (Painter)

9. Sought Out Cyrus (Rapper) @soughtout237

The Christian Rapper Sought Out Cyrus recently dropped an EP of 3 Tracks which was made available in some local online stores. This project sparked up his career to a new level as it brought about a new musical dimension.

8. DSaint Livingston (Rapper) @d_saint_livingston

Dsaint Livingston is also one of the most aspiring Cameroonian Christian hip-hop act who has made it big since the buzz with the track 'Swag'. His recent project 'All The Time' had a speedy interaction on social media giving him a unique audience and international media coverage.

7. AO Kingsley (Singer) @realaokingsley

AO Kingsley is no doubt supposed to feature on this list. He had his buzz with the song 'God Abeg'. The released of his recent music video 'Papa God Sweet' and his recent social media activities has given him lot of recognition and follows, while also living some contemplation among Christian music lovers.

6. Kliff Methula (Singer) @kliff__methula

Another major Up-Coming artist, Kliff Methula, has received huge musical success and recognition currently with the released of his most viral song 'Yes and Amen". This has placed him among the national top rating gospel artists on this list.

5. Seven Trend (Rapper) @7even_george

Producer and Artist.  7even Trend as its popularly written, spearheaded his musical career this 2019 with the released of a Hip-Hop tune titled 'Medicine'. An inspiring piece that gained him some follows and recognition among other Christian artists.

4. Indira (Singer) @indira.officiel

The young female gospel singer who is popularly loved for her danceable tunes has recently made some buzz with her recently released music video 'Danse Alors'. This project gave the young singer massive motivations. 

3. LP Lekingson (Rapper) @lplekingson

After a short while of silence from LP Lekingson, he recently came back with a single 'Know Me Now' that gained him his lost followers massively. 

2. Dr King (Rapper) @drkingonline

The Bamenda Based artist is no doubt one of Cameroons most-listened rapper on platforms like Number1Music. His recent released EP of 10 Tracks titled 'Riches and Beauty' had massive plays and download. 

1. Prosper Menko (Singer) @prospermenko

Worship Leader. Prosper Menko is also the CEO of Highland Recordz. He is a top rating mainstream gospel artist at the moment with the released of his music video titled 'Toquer' which recently gain lots of viewers and followers from around the nation. 

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