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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gospel Artist, AO Kingsley Says “I Will Perform In a Night Club If I’m Booked” – Dewordz

Recently, the gospel singer AO Kingsley has been so unpredictable in his thoughts. The way he turns to talk about music, it seems he is gradually moving out of the scale of Gospel music to secular music as he says:

“I’m not a church artist…”

Personally, I don’t want to judge AO Kingsley, but i think his Music career is almost having a drastic change which might either be positive or negative depending on how his fans will see it.

We will likely ask the question that; Is performing in a night club as a gospel artist a sin?
I have recently noticed that, most songs that gets buzz in the gospel music industry are mostly played in night clubs and snack bars. A good example of such songs is that of the Nigerian gospel singer Eben titled “Victory”.

In the same write-up,AO Kingsley also said

“I was very happy when i heard my songs are hitting night clubs and snacks.”

As if that wasn’t enough, he said if he is booked for a show in any night club or any snack bars any time, anywhere and anyhow, he will come.
It’s often believed to follow our sphere of influence, maybe the gospel artist now sees that he is rather good at making club musics as he feels the buzz more in clubs than in Church… All these are just personal contemplation, it’s just obvious because you too will be kept contemplating. 

Can the Church be held responsible for the lost of gospel musicians who turned to be secular musicians because their songs were not welcome by the Church entity?
But the artist again said he is a sold artist for christ.

 Asking whether is it a good thing for a christian music to be played in a night club is just the same as asking if it’s good for a saved soul to preach the word of God to a lost soul.

Again does it means if your music is hitting the night clubs as a gospel artist, can you also perform a show there?

To end this article, I will like to make it known that, I’m not here to answer any of these questions the way you want to hear it nor to tell you it’s not good to play a gospel music in a night club or snack OR to tell you it is not good to perform in a night club as a gospel artist. Feel free to give your views on these.

Thanks for stopping by. Written By: Gemandze Eugene.

His Works
God Abeg : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufYT5U3SRu4
Jesus Na You Big: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWEX1uBLRvM

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