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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Music Video: AO Kingsley Releases New Video Of The Song 'Papa God Sweet' | Cameroon Gospel Artist – Dewordz

AO Kingsley is back again with another contemporary gospel music with dope visuals.

The song titled 'Papa God Sweet' is a real definition of praise in the hearts of a once depressed and broken soul. This song is aimed at relieving any sad soul form any traumatic situation to understand that Papa God is awesomely alive and protecting.

Read AO Kingsley Amazing Life Testimony and inspiration behind this song:

"At this time of my life. I was going through great depression. I felt like all was lost. I felt like I should quit. With all the current bad happenings in my environment. On a Monday morning at exactly 6pm. I was alone. In a quite conner at my room. All alone. I opened my windows. Sat close to it, gazing at the wind. Looking at the sky while I whispered, "dear lord". "Why all these". Then I walked towards the TV to put it on. It was a sad news at the television that day. How people are dying in my environment. I felt bad. And I felt broken.
Immediately I told my self. Lord thank you for the gift of life. Despite all my challenges. I knew I have a reason to thank God. Despite my depression. I have a reason to praise God. At that point I realised how God is good. I am not more important than those who have gone. All I could say is "Papa God sweet"
I was at Mamfe at the moment. (A small town in Cameroon) The situation of this area was catastrophic. This story is not to bring sadness but to help us all go back in our life's. And reflect. Then you will see a reason to say "God thank you"
No matter what you are going through. Put it all in the hands of the almighty . I want to use this opportunity to tell you how good God has been to me. I am a living testimony. For those who know my story. I pray my story encourage and motivates you.
All I say today is Papa God Sweet Celebrate the goodness of God at all times."

Watch Papa God Sweet Below.


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