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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

(Must Read) The Most Pertinent Outstanding Mystery About Christmas You Never Knew – Dewordz

Christmas refers to the birth of Jesus into the world. Christmas has been the most outstanding event in the past decades. Statistics show that, about 70percent of the world’s population sacrifice about 90percent of their time in drinking, dressing and feasting. It has been a time of enjoyment within families, friends and other loved ones.

   Now, people tend to welcome this event with less warmness and preparation as usual. This shows that many people have come to discover the essence of this event; it physical and spiritual side.
Christmas from its etymological meaning is the mass arrival of Christ (The King) to the world. One who is to redeem.  But, besides, most pertinent are Christians who know the significances of Christmas, while others know it as a feasting period.  

It is the most celebrated days in the world by both Christian and non-Christian. Christmas does not lie on the feasting, but in who Jesus Christ is. Read Phil 2:5-11 and see one of the hymes of Christ.

Christ incarnated himself in order to save us. Still in Phil 2:5-11, Christ made the greatest journey ever made; a journey from heaven to earth and from earth back to heaven, a journey from glory to humiliation and from humiliation back to glory!
Because of the sins of mankind, this wonderful and great baby who was born in Christmas, humble Himself and died a humiliated and mocking death! This is mainly what Christians reflect on during Christmas period. It’s not all about merrymaking, but they remember of how this Jesus who was born on Christmas day died a humiliating death on the cross for our sins, and all the pains he went through.
The death on the cross was a cruel punishment for criminals and non-Romans. This Jesus led go his divine privileges and exaltation and embraced the humiliation right to the cross.
Because of his humility, Jesus is highly exalted by God! The subject here is God and Christ is the object. Christ was exalted in resurrection, ascension and reign in glory.

The bestowed name here is LORD All knees, Christian, non-Christian and all principalities must bow before him.
Christ universal lordship must be acknowledged by all!!

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