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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Is The Cameroonian Rapper Wan Shey Helping To Spearhead Hip-hop’s Religious Revival With His Soon To Drop EP? – Dewordz

There's been a buzz recently in the Music industry about the Cameroonian Rapper Wan Shey for a few years now.
Wan Shey came to the spotlight around 2017 with the song "Wuna Morning".
What made his success somewhat unique in mainstream hip-hop is that there is a strong undercurrent of explicitly Christian themes in his music. And yet, far from turning off mainstream, non-religious audiences, it has only seemed to endear him to them even more.
The rapper hasn't made any standpoint about his type of music yet, but based on his content, I personally feel Wan Shey is struggling between the transition of Secular and Christian hip-hop.
Could Wan Shey be another Chance The Rapper? Maybe it could be true about the rapper taking a massive stance in 2019.
I’ll admit that before the recent buzz, I wasn’t all that familiar with Wan Shey's music. I certainly knew who he was. I had listened to one of his studio Hip-hop album once a few years ago when one of my friends was raving about it. 
I decided to go back and listen to the Songs that gave him buzz again recently while taking notes and analyzing the lyrics. I Listen to his songs like "Wuna Morning" and "Status Update".
Wan Shey says that,
 "2018 has been a crazy year, i think my most adventurous year so far.
I think the rapper is about making a drastic transition in 2019 as this seems to be the last project he is about to drop for this year. 
Remarkably, Wan Shey's music finds it difficult to be classified as secular or Christian, and the rapper also seems to acknowledge this ideal going on as he says that:
"I've had my lowest lows and highest highs so far but here we are.... let's end the year with another chapter of the Status Update Sequel. This, as usual, is just another exaulted parenthesis of my human existence."
In his recent song "Status Update" the rapper says he's not a steady Christian, which that is obvious for every human. I think the rapper is admitting the fact that he is a Christian but as normal as it is, he is not perfect.
It can be possible that Wan Shey is about defining his place in the music scene 2019 as he recounts the EP to drop as a new chapter of his human existence.
The track list itself will make a lot of Christian to wonder whether the Cameroonian Rapper Wan Shey is about being a Christian Rapper or he's a Christian rapper...  Yet as plain as it is, Wan Shey has a type of Sarcastic lyrics that may still make you wonder the rappers trend of music.

Wan Shey says the project to drop is:

"A cocktail of my state of mind and opinions boxed up in three melancholic tunes..." 

This to me sounds quite a cacophony to the ear. 

To end up this, personally, I believe Wan Shey is just a talented artist who tries to bring out the music in a different style. As well, I hear things in his music that are both encouraging and concerning.

Let me say from the outset that my goal is not to answer the question, “Is Wan Shey a Christian?” I don't know him nor his heart. I don’t think that’s my job.

(Written and Edited by: Gemandze Eugene)

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