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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Gospel Artist Calvin Simon Set To Release New Single “Passing Time” – Dewordz

Singer/songwriter, Calvin Simon, is scheduled to release his second single, “Passing Time,” in early 2019. The song is currently being sent to Gospel radio stations around the country, with adds beginning the first week of January. According to Daphanie Cassel of DW Promotions, 75% of a multiple radio test panel gave the single early positive feedback. The song was co-written by Simon and Marty McCarrick and will be available early next year on all music digital outlets.
“I'm so excited about the positive feedback that I've been getting from radio for Calvin Simon's new single, ‘Passing Time.’ This song is groovy, fun and has a great message. I expect it to be a big song for 2019, said Cassel.”
“Passing Time” bookends the new record, with the opening version being a full production number and the closing rendition an acoustic version. With either of the performances, the powerful message of the song remains as a reminder of everyone’s purpose through their faith. Jesus, is my sunshine He brightens up my very day/The cold and lonely night go away/From day one we got a book full of empty pages/To use our minds as the pencil of life to fill in the different stages/We’re just passing time, passing time/We’re just passing time, passing time.
“I believe we are allotted a certain amount of time on this earth, some longer than others,” explained Simon. “I wrote ‘Passing Time’ about the decisions we make throughout our lives, and how to best utilize the time we are given. Are we listening to God as we make these decisions that can truly have impact on other lives? Our days shouldn’t be empty and cluttered, but rather be filled with God’s will during this journey. I hope this song will inspire people in their faith and lead to wonderful opportunities for the future.”
Simon has been busy promoting I Believe with several media outlets that include Journal of Gospel Music, Life with Purpose Radio, CTN-TV, The Digital Journal, Your Daily Brew, to name a few. 

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