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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Buy and Download Sought Out Cyrus New EP "Isaiah 62:12" — Cameroon Christian HipHop

Isaiah 62:12 is a Trap EP made up of four (4) songs. 

The EP is one that exposes us to fully discover the Artist Sought Out Cyrus, his musical identity and the root of his name. 

The entire collection in this EP has a transcendent listening order. It flows deep and inspiring as the Rapper brings it with a sweet melange of African contemporary gospel. 

In an interview with us recently, the Rapper says that he had crossed that level of making music that didn't represent him. Implying that this EP is a complete representation of him and a recreation. 

If any lover of Cameroon Christian/Gospel music and Christian music as a whole can't afford this EP, then they should be working on a deficit. The sad one will be if you are a Christian or inspirational artist and you don't listen to this EP collection. 

As cheap as the EP is sold via mobile money (500FCFA), the intensional purpose should be because the Artist wants anyone even those with average income to get it. The message behind this EP should even make it be sold more than the current amount. 

After a short break of the Cameroon Christian Rapper not featuring in the music scene, he comes out with a revolutionary EP towards his career. 

It is worth noted that Sought Out Cyrus is the first ever Cameroon Christian/Gospel Rapper to release a Trap EP. As a matter of fact, he brings it out with a high spirit that will spur any other next Cameroon Christian Rapper who will drop a Trap EP, to make sure it is up to par. 

Track List:

Sought Out Cyrus is a signed artist under the Christian music label "Positive Music"

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