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Thursday, November 22, 2018

You Won't Like To Skip These Shocking Secrets That Lies Behind Some Great Names You admire – Dewordz

All of these are names given me by other people, but not names I would have given myself. My name is not mine, it’s theirs. It’s a series of costumes put on my life by other people 

The LANE Brothers
There lived a family called the LANE in layette made up of a father, mother and 6 children. The mother was not quite happy with that number, 6 wasn’t a satisfying number. Years later that is in 1958 she once more got pregnant and gave birth to a son, their seventh child. The dad feeling particularly enthralled by this kid, thought the kid was going to be a massive success; this led him to name the boy Winner LANE. Three years later that is in 1961 this family was fortunate to have another child, their 8thchild and at this point dad was lost in the game of names; he  then solicited help from his daughter (the eldest), and she opined “well, we’ve got a Winner, why don’t we have a Loser?” The father persuaded by the suggestion named this child Loser LANE. The father judged that from their names, everything good would eventually come from Winner and everything negative from Loser. But what eventually happened?
Who knows what Lucy means?
Two years ago, there was a little prayer cell in a home at Etoug-ebe Yaounde. The experience was an unusual one for new members, given the atmosphere and practices they witnessed. As was the custom, came the time for spiritual ministrations that is casting and binding. On this fateful day, this process saw the manifestations of a girl called Lucy, who happened to have inhabited a certain evil spirit within her. Her deliverance went on and on for hours but the demon(s) seemed to resist leaving her body. They were all settled to the fact that, the demon enjoyed her body above everything. Then the preacher quite unresolved about this situation, turned and faced those behind him (congregants) and asked; “what’s this girl’s name?” The crowd replied in unison “Lucy”.Lucy? Motioned the pastor, he then asked “who knows what this Lucy name means” and a lady from the backend of the cell shouted; “it is an evil name, derived from the devil’s name Lucifer”. She went on to say
Lucifer = Lucy.
That night the deliverance persisted; the preacher kept on trying to cast out that demon, “out and out in Jesus’ name” but yet, no positive response.  Two hours and some minutes later still no results, but the service had to end. As the pastor was about to leave, knowing that they were to continue with Lucy the next time; he looked at her deeply and decided to change her name from Lucy to Mary. The church applauded. He then confirmed to everyone, that her life would be different with the name change, and that the next time, he wasn’t going to expend such time. What happened there after?
Back to the LANE brothers, both brothers went to the same Harlem school, carried out similar projects, but as they grew older,things started changing and each brother took paths as different as their names.
Loser Lane in his adolescent age won a scholarship and entered prep school.  After graduating from the university where he was considered the class’ star, He went full-in into sports,and there he played football and wrestled as a means of earning a living. Nonetheless,his mother’s wish had always been that he join the police force. After much consideration, He ended up joining the police force and is now a detective working at the 40th precinct in the south Bronx of New York with shield number 2762.
Winner lane on his path equally has a shield number that is 00R2807. Unlike his brother Winner at age 19, because of recklessly causing injury on others; he got his first arrest. He has had a steady stream of arrest for reasons such as: domestic violence, resisting arrest and nine times escape of arrest on issues related to public amenities. After serving 135 days for theft, he once more got arrested for illegally entering people’s homes and stealing things; this landed Winner a 3 year jail term.
As for Lucy, I saw her some weeks ago, guess what? She’s pregnant but not married because She’s 17 and has stopped school because of the child. But I think it’s a moral sin, for me to call her Lucy, she’s Mary and even while being Mary, she didn’t meet up with the pastor’s last words;which were; her life would be different with the name change.
Names !!!
The view has always been that names determine destinies that if you’re called Paul you’re future and success will be like that of Saint Paul, if Mary then your life will be like that of the Virgin Mary. But the truth is (I would argue that) names play a vital role mainly in the social realm. We can’t really have another Paul, but let’s say you are called Paul what happens? People judge you more positively than one called Judas or Cain. Because of the memory they have of these people. It is hardly ever because you are actually a bad person. The scientific literature has boiled down the argument of what makes one successful into two categories:
Talents: you’re God given abilities e.g Eto’o fils’  playing manner
Environment: where you were born (family, town, culture etc.)
Names are just an identifier, but the expectation is mainly very high in the religious arena. Unlike the prayer cell pastor, God and Christ changed others names only after they were transformed, not before. My question to name fundamentalist in the religious realm is always; “when you die, will God judge you on the basis of your name or on the basis of what you believed about his son and what you did with the talents he gave you?
What I’m not saying, is that naming a child Paul vs Lucifer is bad. Bad names do exist, but my contention is the huge expectations we have about names. Like winner vs Loser Lane.
Out of curiosity, Loser lane was asked how he was treated because of his name and his reply was “when you’re young you don’t know that it’s a bad name, and by the time you hit grade school, everybody know you.It was a regular thing.  So I have a bunch of names,” he says today, from Jimmy to James to whatever they want to call you. Timmy. But they rarely call you Loser.” Once in a while, he said,“they throw a French twist on it: ‘Losier.’ To his police colleagues, he is known as Lou. 
As you can see, society gave him a second chance and gave him a different (better) name. but what strikes me is when he says; “everybody knows you. It was a regular thing”if you have been to college or university, you know that being known by everyone, especially when they come to you is not a regular thing. Added to that, he was a sports star and that just doesn’t go away like that. His name which was supposed to be a disadvantage became a massive advantage.  Giving him regularly, what everyone from marketer,to writer, to athletes and artist are searching for constantly; ATTENTION.
But the main fact in this whole piece is that if a child is named poorly and he fails, it is generally not the child’s fault. I opt we look at the parent, a parent who will decide to give his naming rights to a daughter and take a hypothetical answer as a solution, tells you how such a parent, will bring up his children. When it comes to school choice or whatsoever decision, he will just ask anyone, the young and ignorant mainly and take their replies as solution.
For the record that lady at the back of the church was wrong; lucy is an English and French feminine name derived from the Latin masculine Lucius meaning Light. Her name was changed out of sheer ignorance. I was angry about it then, I am angry about it still.
By Verberi Leslie Micheal (ACE)

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