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Friday, August 3, 2018

The Untold: Hidden Things You Never Knew About Teachers. Get Shocking Discovery Today!

You recognize a politician or businessman whenever you find one.
A little girl named Mary goes to the beach with her mother and brother, they drive there in a red car. At the beach they swim, eat some ice cream and play in the sand, and have chips for launch.
Now answer these questions
  1. What was the colour of the car?
  2. Did they have fish for launch?
  3. Did they listen to music in the car?
  4. Did they drink some juice with the launch?
Nearly everyone who gets these questions, answer the first two questions right (RED & NO). But we all do much worst with questions 3 & 4.
You’re surely wondering why?
For the simple reason that these questions were unanswered. There wasn’t enough info given in the story, yet a whopping percentage of 75 British mid-schoolers & You(maybe) answered these questions; sometimes with Yes or No. The sad part of this narrative, as research points out is that; the people who bluff their ways through these questions with replies tend to be qualified for two main careers: POLITICS AND BUSINESS.
The man called Mr Fonembat
He should in his early fifties, a man as severe as a BIR soldier. What is still being spoken about him is what happened two years ago. He had GCE questions both setting A&B (by means no one knows), this is the holy grail in the dark teaching universe. Not only did he have access to these questions, he equally came up with this; “come and have an A grade in history” class. He made it clear that attending this class was a guarantee you were going to make it in flying colours and that if you didn’t and failed, you would have yourself to blame.  A whopping amount of students saw truths in the words of the feared teacher, wouldn’t you have?
His class was accessible only after a 1000 frs entry fee was paid. Once there, he gave out the questions and tried answering them in his usual pontificating tone. As would be the case, his house was more than full, giving him a perpetual smile of success. As wise as he is, before he ended the class of more than 100 students in attendance; he shrewdly locked the gate. Hence to leave you had to pay before you could exit; he collected the money from everyone before they left. That evening, he made more than 100,000 frs.
You should know him by now, Fonembat Eric is his name echoed unceasingly.
A quick review on what is told about him:
  • Fake booklet: he is the teacher who demands 2000 frs from his students, for a booklet containing all GCE questions and never delivers the book to them. Once a student boldly wrote on the blackboard; “Mr Fonembat, give us the booklets or our money” they were all fed up. This student paid a huge price for his candour.
  • He does marathon teaching: he is the only teacher who does his job in a marathon manner. History is an ethereal subject even for the eager beaver. Just so you know, it takes almost all Cameroonian teachers 3 years to barely treat more than half of the material in history. That’s form 3-5, it takes fonembat just two. He speed teaches in the unconventional way, hardly bothered in the class understanding.
  • You’re dead if you become his enemy: “ I refused to give him money for him to bribe my way into the lycee of etoug-ebe’. For that reason any mistake I did, he used it as a huge reason to denigrate me. I was always downtrodden whenever I was in his class”. Guefack Beltus
  • The Zanga’s experience: zanga once refused to do an assignment of his for being absent during his class; it was during the rascal week and this assignment was to write in a 70 leaves book “ I will never absent Mr fonembat’s class” using a red, blue and black pen.
The one that always kills me is his answer to this question; “please sir what is coming in the GCE this year?”. His reply, “I KNOW DO THIS…… IS GOING TO BE GIVEN”… He always knows.

When the GCE is about to commence, you see a crowd of  students from every school in town rushing to Acacia to partake in this literature class. It equally has more than 100 students in attendance (GCE candidates).  You will find groups of people like bike men, babysitters, former school dropouts, excellent students, fringes & outliers. Just to name these.   What is hilarious about his class is, when some of these bike men out of sheer tiredness fall asleep; their phones are recording the lessons for later revision.
To them, this teacher is everything. Why:
  • He goes out of the usual framework: he touches what makes students fail and lays huge emphasis on that. What I mean is he spends quality time on issues like; time management, writing skills, handwriting practice, proofreading of work and how to memorise.
  • He is unique, different and better and his class rich in knowledge but cheap in access:
The key thing is his class is so rich in material. This guy understands the VARKS of pedagogy. To access his class, all you need is 200 frs, affordable by all the people mentioned above. The truth sometimes is that many don’t even have that money to pay but he lets them in.
As I planned to write this, I was warranted to attend one of his classes. Despite the fact that we were crammed in that classroom, I enjoyed every bit of the

The bike man’s questions
“Mr T.boy please can you tell us what shall come in the GCE this year?”
His reply: “I DON’T KNOW”. And he added “be prepared and once there, you shall know that this is an exam in which when you are prepared, it is so easy”.
Do you see the difference between Mr Fonembat and T.boy?
Fonembat would have impetuously replied saying what was coming, meanwhile he is just speculating. T.boy on his part, doesn’t make such speculations with students; he knows how vulnerable they are, which in turn  makes them gullible to any speco.
When history was written fonembat left Yaoundé, for the administration to have no trace of him and as much not believe whatever lie the students were propagating that he sold them fake questions. Do you know what? His questions never appeared in the GCE that year. Later that year, he came to class pontificating that what he gave was setting A & B, but what came was setting C.
He has no remorse and I bet he will repeat the process over and over again. I know because I once was his student, and anyone who ever was his student has a story to tell about him.

DO TEACHERS TEACH OR CHEAT?  It depends if they’re either teachers or politicians & business men.

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