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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Maroua and Garoua: The Regions No One Ever Dreamed Visiting.

“Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to was never there, and where you are is no good unless you can get away from it. Where is there a place for you to be? No place… Nothing outside you can give you any place.” Flannery O’Connor.
There are ten regions in Cameroon. Everyone strives hard to secure a residence, or at least live in the two most renowned regions of this country. These regions are the Centre and Littoral regions. Nonetheless, the country in its cultural diversity makes most citizens have a certain affinity for some regions, while others harbour mixed feelings. In this cultural diversity two predominant groups come out, that is, the Anglophones and Francophones. However, most of this people are vying for a life in Yaounde , Douala and maybe the two other Anglophone regions, which the Anglophones adore; it’s their home. Now, out of these ten regions,  the only regions no one ever regrets, never having explored are the two northern regions (Maroua and Garoua).
“I’m soon done with my house construction; I don’t think it’s that hard”
“I’m a funny entrepreneur’ says Musa. He is a friend of mine from Maroua. He recounts his business story, saying ; “I buy bags of groundnut from the interior villages. I store them in a warehouse. I wait for months and months for the supply of these groundnuts to be as limited as possible. When the scarcity is at its apex, I take this groundnut to the market and resell it at a price 3X its original amount”. This year, it was 6,000 frs to 15,000 frs. “It was a joke when I started it”, but today, with this business Musa owns a plot of land and is constructing a house, which is at its roofing stage.
Musa is 23 years old and he is  a student in the University of MRA. That notwithstanding, he has achieved what most civil servants in the 8 other regions, even at retirement are unable to do.  Why is he succeeding? what accounts for his success?  We shall explore.

  The entrance exam into ENS Maroua

ENS is now one of the most competitive exams in Cameroon, everyone now wants to become a teacher; even when they never, not even in their strangest of dreams hope of becoming one. To be a certified government teacher, you need to pass the ENS entrance exams. Those who make it can attend school in just three places; Yaoundé, Bamenda and Maroua.   In this list, the most dreaded place is Maroua. “They all hate Maroua; they hate it until they get there!”.


 “Find your place in the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there” 
Gary Snyder
He now lives in Maroua, “Oh how I hate this place”, so he opined immediately he went there. He is from Bamenda and due to the hyper-competitiveness of the ENS exams in that region, he decided to go in for ENS  Maroua, where no one was focusing on. He made it in the exams, haunted by the nature of life there, he cried as he was being taken there for three good years. He feared everything, from his life to belongings. Now he says:
  • I never want to leave Maroua;
  • I would be very grateful, if the government posted me here;
  • If possible, I’m ready to be here, for the rest of my career.
What! For the rest of your career?
  • What people don’t know about Maroua

  •  This region isn’t as deadly as most people think. Boko Haram, attacks only in the interior villages not town. (Nowhere close to ENS);
  • In Maroua, strangers aren’t treated as enemies, but as kings;
  • The most important aspect is that life is cheap. Can you reread that? LIFE is cheap.
  • In Yaoundé 
On a normal day in Yaoundé, you get up from bed early enough. You prepare for work or school depending on your current status. You get breakfast and off to work. You need to be early enough, so as not to get caught up with traffic; this often makes you not even find a taxi. Finally once at work, you need to consider your daily feeding.
In  yaounde and in the 7 other regions, transport fare for a normal journey costs 250 frs, feeding 500 frs, and house rents usally 20,000frs but one can have a house at 15,000frs which would be literally ramshackle and dilapidated.
Let’s do the math for a month, just calculating the five working days:
  • Transport = 250 * 5 = 1000 frs. 1000 * 4weeks = 4000 frs.
  • Feeding = 500 * 5= 2500frs. 2500 * 4weeks = 10,000 frs
  • Rentage = 20,000 frs per month
  • In Maroua 
On a normal day in Maroua, you get up as early as you want. You prepare for work or school depending on your current status. There you experience no traffic, since they only means of transportation there is through bikes.
In Maroua and Garoua, transportation fare for a bike ride costs 50- 75 frs (never in yaounde); house rent here, is from 5000 to 10,000 frs; feeding is the same.
  • Transport = 50 * 5 = 250 frs. 250 * 4weeks = 1000 frs.
  • Feeding = 500 * 5= 2500frs. 2500 * 4weeks = 10,000 frs
  • Rentage = 10,000 frs per month
Hence, if the math is done, in a year one spends 408,000frs a year in the 8 regions. But in Maroua in a year, of such expenses you spend 252,000 frs.
All of these mean in Yaounde and Douala you touch your money in backnotes and spend in backnotes; whereas in Maroua you receive your money in backnotes and spend it in coins.
Other social resorts are unavailable to a greater extend in MRA for an outing which is from 8pm to 5am . In yaounde, this is what everyone does, and on such occasions they hardly spend 5000frs, its usually 10,000 frs and above. Meanwhile, in MRA from 8pm to dawn everywhere is shutdown. Hence, you have nowhere to spend your money extravagantly at night. In Yde people love drinking and eating pork and other meat; whereas in MRA they neither drink alcohol nor eat pork due to religious beliefs.
This means, you nowhere to spend your money, no one to spend it with, nothing to extravagantly spend it on. Thereby, making you financially wise.
Why did josh fall in love with Maroua? Because of these advantages
Why is MUSA already the owner of a plot of land and soon completed building? Because he lives in Maroua.
No one says it  but, when you get to maroua and live there, you develop a degree of consciousness you never had before.
Love is an undesirable desire to be undesirably desired. But if you have that love for what everyone cherishes (Yde, Dla etc), you end up undesired.  
Written By:  
Michael Leslie (ACE).

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