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Monday, May 7, 2018

Discovery: 'The Redemption Band', Africa's Most Outstanding Live Music Band,

'The Redemption Band' of Mysta Legacy,  Africa's Most Outstanding Live Music Band. 

Mysta Legacy is Cameroons most outstanding live performing artist. He is known for being the leader and lead singer for the the 'Redemption Band'.  Being an independent but well placed artist in terms of talent, he impacts a lot of souls in his songs through the hybridity of his singing style, which gives more credit to him and his band.

The 'Redemption Band ' was founded in 2016 late November by the lead singer, Mysta Legacy in Yaoundé-Cameroon. The band is known for the thrilling groove it provides in its live demonstrations.
The band is made up of vibrant young and aspirational youth from diverse backgrounds and class.

Reggae music is one of the backbone of the 'Redemption Band' as it is seen tobe moving souls more and rendering the audience to feel the world that famous Bob Marley and Lucky Dube felt.

One of the most outstanding and Trending concert that featured the 'Redemption Band', was organised by The Goethe Institute in Cameroon under the platform 'Goethe Decouverte', a German worldwide institution.
The concert was term 'The Soul Vibrations Concert ' by the 'Redemption Band '.

The Soul Vibrations concert was one of a making in the entire history of The Goethe Institute and Cameroon as a whole. It is also the first ever official featured concert of 'The Redemption Band ' of Mysta Legacy.

The Soul Vibrations concert was a concert full of power from diverse perspectives;
Power in its live overall performance , power from the audience, power from the instrumentalists, power in the diverse genre of songs, power in the message that was passed across by Mysta Legacy in all the songs and power in the huge presence of the vocal in 10 live songs.

Mysta Legacy is that artist who is a talent revolutionary to Africa and the world at large. Music tends to be so sweet with a good blending from the instrumentalist of the Redemption Band on a live stage.

Watch Full Live Concert Video Here

Mysta Legacy kept a lot of audience into trance; they don't know where to get his songs so as to keep living with the sweetness of good music!
Does it means  he has no song yet or .... We at dewordz can't explain that!
But the artist has been updating his social media pages with posts that gives a hint of him releasing his first official song soon off the album "Soul Vibrations "

'The urge is to get his whole album now, not a single because I feel Conforted, thrilled and moved when listening to Mysta Legacy live performance. I really need his collections so I can get it deep in me all day, because his concerts won't come always as I wish, according to me, I want to watch Mysta Legacy in concert all day' Declares a fan
Soul Vibrations Concert Excerp

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