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Friday, March 2, 2018

New Song: Sought Out Cyrus (Positive Music CEO) Drops The Highly Anticipated Song "VIP".

Song: VIP
Producer: CyruzBeatz
Graphics: Ngufor 
Label: Positive Music 

After a long but short wait, Sought Out Cyrus a Christian rapper based in Cameroon 🇨🇲, finally release the audio of his latest anticipated single #VIP

This rapper has been on a pause for a while, which gave many contemplation in his music lovers. 

Dewordz took out the initiative to invite Sought Out Cyrus for a brief interview about his latest single #VIP

Question: We would like to get a clue on what VIP is about, because we don't understand the dimension of the title!

Sought Out Cyrus: Umm, VIP is a controversial song. It talks about GOD, life and touches so many other points.  Briefly, I'm expressing the confident about the position i hold before GOD, and I know I'm on GOD's to-do list. 
In #VIP, I'm appreciating the LORD for grace that has made me to be who I am. With that grace, I have a good reason to stand. 

Question : How did you take it when your music lovers thought, and posted on social media about your long silence. 

Sought Out Cyrus:  Yea I know I have a relationship with God, and I was waiting on a call because I wanted to give his people what which was good for their spiritual life (he smiles) 
It's always good to create a good relationship with God and His people. 

Question: How do you think your fans will welcome this song?

Sought Out Cyrus: This song is a huge surprise for those who thought I stopped music, also to those who underrated me or thought it was over.

Question: As a huge surprise this time, what do you have to tell your fans?

Sought Out Cyrus: It's not over yet until the Lord says so. I have a lot of packages for my fans still to come immediately after #VIP. 

This interview really sought out the rapper's mind, as he also assured that it's not yet over, there are lots of packages to be release after this one. 

Listen and share this wonderful piece with your loved ones. 


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