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Monday, March 26, 2018

Free Download: William Pippins _ Psalms 51

The Christian rapper William Pippins,  just made another release titled "Psalms 51" 

The rapper exposes his mind to us and particularly to his fans, through his open words 

This song is a story line of me overcoming my own sinful desires that i battled with in my past. 
In this song i explain how Jesus grace and love brought me to repentance! 
Through me being obedient and open about my sin, this brought light to my family, friends and light through my content! 

Psalms 51 ( Prod. by PK )

(I can be the change that I want to see)

{ Verse 1}

They say the truth can set a man free, Guard yo heart like a pantry, Yo empty closet is not for ya skeletons, Can y’all hear me? Friends can turn out Judas or they can end up Peter, You take advise from Pharisees then here comes Nicodemus.

I know that my ways are not your ways, I’m hinder tho by these voices, Distinction between the Blessings is how we handle our choices, Wisdom, Grace, Prosperity, God bless me like I need it uh

Liberate this pride it keeps me out the side of Jesus. I was lying in my tomb until they came and moved the stone 

And Jesus walked up to it and his words was like a song...“  Son if you come alive, i can regulate yo mind, the Glory to be revealed, its all apart time, I came to give you life but the darkness is just shadow the devil came to sift you as wheat I pray come hallow, don’t worry about tomorrow, you tend dread about all the things that you did from a toddler I came to tell you you a forgiven "forgoven" I am yo maker this world is not of my kingdom, I came to be the sources of yo light in this life of evil and when you are converted go strengthen yo bro and bring'em. Go bring'em


(You see the Light)

(i'm Feeling like the light is on) 

{Verse 2}

I woke up out my dream and I turnt to the book of David, My Psalms was a 51 and I got on my knees and prayed.. how much does it take for a man to trip on his ways? How far do we go before we loose the sight on the way? 

I much do we greed before we find ourselves in temptation? How much do we ask then receive it and say we hate it? 
How much are we drowning our sin in the blood of Jesus? 
How much are we hiding our sin and say that we heeding ?  

I’m just breathing I’m a living soul, Glory be to God, Cause when I was at the table with them pills it’s like I couldn’t see God, I just wanna die ain’t no should that I could cry on. 

No one I could rely on, So I’m looking for Zion, God show me the way, God show me a sign if this is end of the road, what’s the point of my life? If the image is clear if yo image is life, Everything that I needed is all in the mirror it’s light! 


(I know that the light is on
(The Light in on)
(Y'all see the light?)
(i'm feeling like the light is on)

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