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Friday, January 5, 2018

Profile: Get To Know All About The Christian Rapper, Daddy D.

Daddy D
Daddy D. is a Cameroonian rapper with originality, class and style. Born in 1991, his age stands to contrast to his achievements. At a young and vibrant age, he has made a remarkable imprint in the Cameroon music industry.
Daddy D is crazy enough to be a rare brand of preachers to rap on his pulpit and have other rap artists signed under his record label. Once at a concert, he made many frown to themselves at its close, "Rap Music in Church?” But this never moved him one bit. He objects old fashioned ideas of rap being a worldly brand. To him a presence of worship could also be felt through rap music.
 From the release of "AGO TOKAM", his hit video, many can't wait to hear him again. He has been in the entertainment industry since his Secondary School days where he was popularly called STICKY.
Sticky emerged in BAHOOD RECORDS as one of the core and finest artists in Bamenda, Cameroon. Haven worked with today's icons like Magasco, Ambe and Funky,he left for Buea where many were shocked to hear him profess a conviction for Christ.

Daddy D became Apostle Lefor Divine D. (Apostle of Wisdom) and founded Wisdom Center International with headquarters in Buea. Despite mails from many friends and fans to return, Apostle Lefor Divine picked up a new artist name called DADDY D. and Founded Wisdom Records that has produced quite a number of outstanding gospel artists and is changing the scope of Cameroon's gospel.
Although a pastor, his music career still soars and he promises to "take over the music industry for Christ"; not just music, but the whole entertainment industry.
His ‘AGO TOKAM’ Remix video gained popularity with thousands of online views but the critique was almost equal the views. In fact, media used it as top discussion point in many forums and he became the talk of nation.
He then proceeded to give his fans more to talk about in his next video titled transformed, one which is a blast nationwide. Even Kamer top music director, Dr. Nkeng Stevens Posted on it congratulating the quality, talk less of content that brought more than 10k views in 10 days. Many say his tenacity and courage was also picked up from an acting career which he perused. Daddy D found a missing rib over three years now. A backbone to his carrier and profession, Queen Ruth.

He is the visioner of the famous Light Conference, a kingdom international celebrity event which brings together several talents for the glory of God. Presently, The Light Conference (TLC) happens to be one of Cameroon's most celebrated gospel event that succeeds to bring artists, designers, videographers, men of God, journalists, photographers,painters and a host of other outstanding talents to display on a single platform. The Light Conference is currently referred to as A Gospel Trade Fair. 

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