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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What Is Wrong With The Cameroon Christian Music Scene?

A lot of talks and controversies creeps in the mind of the Cameroon music lovers. 
Many people come up with the question: 
-Does Cameroon have Christian Artists?
-How many songs are there produced and recorded by Cameroon christian artists?

That's true about this perception,  but it mostly appears in the Christian Hip-hop scene which is our major concern in this article.
The truth is, Cameroon has Christian artists and many songs as well.
Yea, but why is it that they are not recognised or just a couple of them being known? This is another vital issue.

I will give some possible reasons below :

1- Branding.
This is one of the major problems of the Cameroon CHH scene.  Branding is the well packaging of an artist for marketing.
No good packaging leads to no positive outcome. A lot of them just go out and drop their songs without good packaging .

2- Mastering of Scene.
This is also another most significant problem faced by Cameroon CHH.  Most artists and labels don't master the criteria of a good music atmosphere,  so as such they just pop out there and release their song without any consideration made.
They don't know when the media is ready to receive them.  When a lot of major releases are going on,  consumers don't focus because of lot of choices at their disposal.  Good music should be release when there are minor releases. 

3- Online Visibility.
Another major barrier to their recognition is because of aspects like:  
- Rarely featuring on online magazines, blogs etc, 
 -Rarely sponsoring of pages and releases on social media 
-Not  responding or interacting with fans etc.
All these must be positive for professionalism for any pursuing artist with a goal. 

4- Events.
I will talk less on events because it's just 20% of artists' fault.  If no major events are being organised, artists will have limited grounds to expose their works. Major platform like Christian Musical shows,  Concerts and other musical events should be set up.
By so doing,  the Christian music scene will evolve to about 70% and there planting  a large base.

5- Trend and Team.
It is well noticed that a lot of Cameroon CHH acts have lots of differences and disagreements that exist among them but they themselves don't know.
-They don't have idealistic  trend to follow, 
-No hash tag trend as each and every one of them is a boss on his own.
              Without trends there will always be controversies. Trend signifies team work which suppose to be dominant in the Christian-dom.

Summing up, these are the 5 most vital aspect that can revive the Cameroon christian music scene.
As fast as these are enforced,  the scene will be one of the best so far in Cameroon.

Please you can drop your own opinion which you think should be updated in the comment box below.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think this quite true. Few cmr gospel artists have a reasonable degree of online presence. Its high time all these available online platforms b put to use. It sure will help a lot I guess.