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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Triple O - Started Again music video - Christian Rap

UK Christian Rap artist Triple O music video for "Started Again," the
first single from his sophomore album 'Zero Not Equal To One.'



I'm a rep hard, I'm a rep to the end

(I’m a rep hard, I’m a rep to the end)

Tell em again, tell em again - Jesus wins

(tell ‘em again, tell ‘em again then)

Nah nah nah nah, no need to pretend

(Oh nah, nah, nah)

Now bold with the faith, see we started again

So we started again, so we started again

So we started again, so we started again

So we started again,

(Brap, brap, brap, brap)

So we started again, so we started again

So we started again, so we started again

So we started again

Verse 1:

Let me rhyme in a deliberate way

As I partake in a part-ay

With the nouns and the similes

I assimilate to annihilate, part ways

The apartheid, realigned - so we separate

Sin to the side, not a game - never arcade

Wait on The Lord like Alfred, I be Mike Cain

In wayne manor, but only one matters

United to the faith so He is the play maker

The bread of life, I arise to the baker

Whipped by the Cain avoiding the undertaker

My desire is higher living you can't break us

Praying on our knees-son, never to be taken

_ apparatus is eight bars upon bars, what a collage

pic stitch, shocking the king is in charge - stay current,

Let the flow preside bars, keep running

Verse 2:

Push facts to the masses - Max this

Around the world flow so globe like an atlas

Do a backspin, truth in the manor

As a matter of fact

We don't stand for the acting

Better attack the lies, back with a passion

Christ be the captain - no longer trapped in

Sin - like a vacum - Bin

Because it was me he was rescuing, Church talk - but the flows intense

And we don't claim to be the perfect men

Last night I cried tears when I messed up hard

And I Had no guts to repent, wasteman

_ Their thoughts exactly - every right to hate me

But where lust broke me, grace saved me

Verse 3:

So so so I be telling everybody who be listening

Listen in to the truth that we keep on delivering

Struggling with sin, but your word beautiful medicine

So evident, evidence of your benevolence

Tougher than a sediment

Your regiment got me acting in diligence

Like Tim Brin’, got me ‘Killing Sin’

And even though I may sin again

You send me grace, a beautiful friend

Keep me going, keep me going to the very end

You will never leave me, nor forsake me

So I rate thee

I persevere to the very end

Even when it’s severe and coming to the very end

Alpha and Omega – start to the end

I can see a trend, see you win with the living king

Singing for your glory, I’m telling everybody your story

Thought you were defeated, but you rose up in the very end


I will tell what need what they need to hear

We won't sit around and wait in fear

What you know about me, yeah

it's His love that found me

So I Tell em

Never can I hide from thee

In a way you died for me

So your gonna help me breathe

You can never let me leave

Even in the night I scream

With a Heart so dark, but you open me

Restart so i now hope and see

Wait for my daddy on time

And I’m telling everybody, make it known, make it known

You keep me!

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