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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Wounderful hands of immortal touch,
Age shall not weary you nor do the years condemn.
Always taking care for the mortal soul,
With all the destructive and wicked men.

The running splashes of sea wave can’t erase our debts
With all the thanks giving and sacrifices,
Guarding the flocks without any thought.
Universality and wounders in your creation styles!

Birds singing while plants dancing on hills
Dawn is depart, day is begun with frogs leaping,
Croaking and praising with tears.
How mysterious are your creation and love!

Lion of the tribe Yamba
Our glories and praises cannot be sufficient,
As river Wouri flows without seizure nor do the years condemn your power
Oh! Three personed God, age shall not weary you!
                                       GEMANDZE EUGENE RINWI

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